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Laishan branch of Yantai stomatological hospital

Yantai stomatological hospital was founded in 1952, has now developed into a collection of medical, teaching, research, and prevention in one of the three first-class stomatological hospital, is the focus of Clinical Stomatology in Shandong province. In order to benefit the people in Laishan and improve the accessibility of dental clinics and services, Yantai stomatological hospital cooperates with the Shanghai Yantai medical science and technology group to build the Laishan branch of Shanghai stomatological hospital.
In Yantai city Wei Planning Commission and the Laishan district government's strong support, the relevant policies and supporting facilities in place. The hospital will carefully location, Laishan branch address is scheduled for the Yantai city Laishan District Fenglin Road No. 2, a total construction area of nearly 7000 square meters.
Laishan branch is equipped with 15 beds, 60 dental chairs, opened a center, children's oral implant center, oral orthodontics center, Department of Periodontology, Department of oral and maxillofacial surgery, Department of oral beauty, dental, dental and othe... More

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Yantai city Laishan District Fenglin Road No. 2