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Double Ninth Festival "oral knowledge preach" care for the elderly oral health

October 9th is the annual Double Ninth festival. 9 morning, the Yantai stomatological hospital, "looking for oral knowledge announcer" activities officially started, 9 charity volunteers officially become oral knowledge preach, oral health knowledge spread, help the elderly oral health. It is understood that the event is "8020" elderly oral health care series of activities.

Double Ninth Festival "oral knowledge preach" care for the elderly oral health

At present, the aging of the population in the whole society is serious, and the elderly population over the age of 60 has exceeded 1 million 400 thousand people in Yantai, accounting for about 22% of the total population. The situation of the aging of the population is grim, and it is urgent to care for the elderly. According to the report by the WHO, people over the age of 80 should be retained more than 20 teeth function, quality of life can only be guaranteed, but the old man's teeth have Chinese rate is only 8, 65 - 74 years old 98.4% dental caries and periodontal health rate of less than 15%, the oral health status of worrying, urgent oral health problems.
In order to improve the awareness of oral health care of elderly people in the city, help the elderly find oral small problems, timely treatment, prevent small problems become big problems, and comprehensively improve the quality of life for the elderly, oral hospital of Yantai City, Yantai City Charity Federation, jointly organized the "8020" elderly oral health care activities, help the oral health of the elderly.
During the event, the head nurse of the oral health service department of Yantai stomatological hospital gave volunteers an oral discussion session to explain the importance of oral health and to answer questions from volunteers. After the end of the forum, He Fang nurse led the volunteers visited the hospital and the volunteers of the history museum, free oral examination.
"Yantai stomatological hospital is a hospital with social love.". Hospital related public service activities, from children to the elderly, covering all social groups, improve people's awareness of oral health." Yantai City Charity harmonious home service team captain Xie Mei said the old man, as a volunteer, to participate in the "8020" of the oral health of the elderly care for a series of activities, with a knowledge of oral preachers to help people around to improve oral health awareness, she felt very happy.
It is understood that the Yantai dental hospital as the province's first grade three Stomatological Hospital of Shandong Province, Yantai City, key clinical specialist oral oral medical quality control center, has been practicing the "people-oriented, sincere service, scientific management, innovation and development" for the purpose of running the hospitals, as early as four years ago launched the "health care for the elderly oral 8020" in Yantai City, to help the elderly find oral small problems, timely treatment, prevent small problems become big problems, enhance the awareness of oral health in the elderly.
Since 2006, Yantai stomatology hospital carried out the first Huimin medical, the elderly and other special groups can enjoy preferential discount service, quality dental services, as of now, a total of 5 patients with preferential benefit to patients with million people, more than 800 yuan, has been well received by the public. At the same time, the Stomatological Hospital of Yantai city or Yantai City sentinel hospital treatment of cleft lip and palate, had 4 international smiling action fund, a total free screening and surgery for more than 200 of the patients with cleft lip and palate, reduction of treatment costs about 1000000 yuan; Yantai city health system first "all volunteer unit", Yantai city's first "charity volunteer Care Fixed-point Hospital", was named "Yantai charity volunteer" advanced units.
In 2012, children's dental caries prevention and treatment program was included in one of the ten major projects for private affairs. The students in grade one or two in the city were free of pit and fissure closure. Anti guidance center as the city's teeth, 21 projects of Yantai Stomatological Hospital of 14 counties in the establishment of the designated medical institutions for technical training, and regular inspection and supervision, several in-depth 14 counties and 20 designated medical institutions for the supervision and guidance of the fissure work. Until now, the beneficiary population more than 270 thousand people, 130 thousand people accept the sealant treatment, the average rate of more than 85% known oral knowledge, the fissure rate of more than 70%, compared to 2012 nearly doubled, to effectively reduce the incidence of caries in children. After four years, social recognition has been continuously improved, and public satisfaction has been steadily improved.


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