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A not too troublesome

The old man has a missing teeth, not a timely, can lead to alveolar bone atrophy, such as the mouth, leakage and other change to speak, but many people do not know, in general, missing teeth, and not to hang up immediately, repair the teeth, denture before ...

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How about the small iron band off the tooth band?

Every summer vacation, not limited to orthodontics, Beijing Stomatological Hospital will be packed with twelve year old children and their parents. The winter holiday this year is no exception, so many children wearing orthodontic appliance, it is often sai...

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You need to take some things to know the film

The dentist to the hospital, the doctor will usually take a look at dental requirements. What is the film? Radiograph in professional called intraoral radiography, a radiograph is the most common root, mainly the single tooth. In the mouth, we can only see ...

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Hospital dynamic